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The Worm Turns

Kylie Northover
September 26, 2008

From nature watcher to hobbit to Tinselworm, Bill Bailey's evolution makes for a curious tale.

BRITISH comedian Bill Bailey, performing in Melbourne this week, is fresh from touring New Zealand, where he found himself in demand — but not as a comedian. Much to his chagrin, Bailey discovered he's the subject of an online petition put together by fans in an effort to have him cast in the coming film adaptation of The Hobbit.

Bailey groans theatrically when asked about the petition, although (of course) he appreciates the absurdity of it. "Oh God, I don't initiate these things," he says, laughing. "I found out that it started off as a petition for me to be in The Lord of the Rings, and now people want me to be in The Hobbit!"

Presumably it has at least something to do with his hirsute appearance, but is Bailey feeling insulted or flattered?

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